How do I order tokens?
There are two ways to order tokens with this site. Click on “Order tokens” Above and it will take you to the order page. The first is simple. You choose either a bulk set of 4 or 9 tokens. Once you have checked out totally you will be taken to a form where you input which tokens you want. You can get a combination of any ones on the site, so if you want four soldiers, four pack rats and an Elspeth emblem, that’s what you’d put there. Tokens are printed custom to order so that’s how that happens. The second way is to click on the eBay link at the bottom of my page and check my tokens up for sale there. They are all at fixed price so easy checkout.

What if I have an idea for a token?
Email Me! theevilkitten @ gmail.com. If you have an idea let me know. If you want a custom set they will be quoted to difficulty. If it’s a set you don’t mind me selling and I feel like I could resell then there wouldn’t be an extra charge for that.

Why do foils cost so much more?
(coming soon!) Foils take three times the time and effort to create. It’s taking an actual foil magic card and stripping the paint first which takes not only time but extra materials and scrubbing effort. They also look SO NICE. That is why they are a little extra.

How do you determine your pricing?
I will be honest: I don’t make a large profit on the tokens I sell. My printer has an 8 ink well and each color costs just under 20 dollars to replace. I also use high quality paper and sleeve up the tokens. I do not charge extra for packaging besides what the USPS charges. I know Magic is an expensive hobby and I do try to be reasonable and feel that I am for the product I provide.

Is your question not answered here? E-Mail Me and let me know so I can include it.