Magic the Gathering Origins Tokens & A New Featured Store!

You have no idea how bad I was stalking the spoilers for the Magic: the Gathering Origins set! Since I rarely actually get to play anymore I stay connected by the tokens I can create and sell to you guys so it’s always exciting to see what I can put together. I was disappointed at first because it seemed like everything made Thopter tokens. As the entire set got spoiled I relaxed a bit and picked the ones that I thought could see play and made some – ok, a lot – of tokens to go with them. While I don’t have them uploaded to this site yet (give me a few days! It’s chaotic over here) They are all available on my eBay page and any ones that are available there can be ordered through this website, whether or not they are listed on here. I’ll get to it soon though! And to celebrate? Anyone who makes an order either through the site or through eBay will get an exclusive Ashaya token (for Nissa’s planeswalker ability).

magic: the gathering tokens

I’m also super happy to announce Dragon’s Lair Games out of Austin, TX as our latest featured store! They offer a Magic: the Gathering summer camp for kids in the summer and I think that is totally awesome! Keep on rockin’ and thank you for supporting a small M:tg business!

Happy playing in Origins, guys! Pull lots of money at prereleases!

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